HitBTC Affiliate Review

Vertical: Cryptocurrency
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Up to 75% of the fees referrals pay to HitBTC


By joining the HitBTC affiliate program, you can invite friends to join trading on HitBTC via your own custom links and get up to 75% reward from their trading fees. The more users you engage, the more profit you can gain. Not only you, but your referred users will also get a 50% trading fee rebate. The program is easy and free to join, and you can get access to creatives and dedicated support.


About HitBTC

HitBTC, founded in 2013 by experienced system architects and technology experts, is one of the oldest and fastest-growing crypto exchanges in existence. With a proven track record of reliability, HitBTC offers clients a comprehensive range of services that are accented by their smooth order execution, state-of-the-art trading terminal, and unmatched liquidity.

HitBTC exchange is the largest spot trading market in the industry with over 800 trading pairs and 500+ spot instruments supported, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Tron, and others. To know more about HitBTC, check out this video:


HitBTC Affiliate Program

By joining the HitBTC affiliate program, you can generate unique links. Via these links, HitBTC will recognize users as your referred users and calculate your earnings accordingly. You can track engaged users’ activity such as turnover and trades, and your personal affiliate program earnings. The Turnover tab shows you the total turnover of users who completed their buy/sell orders. Check user’s activity information on the Users Statistics tab.

After joining the program, you can withdraw your earnings as they reach 0.01 BTC, and check out your Main account balance. HitBTC manually approves every withdrawal which exceeds 0.05 BTC.

HitBTC allows users to use different links for different social media posts and time of posting. This way, you can better understand your audience’s engagement and find out the perfect time for efficient communication. You can write a review of your own HitBTC experience, engage readers to join trading, and share their own reviews or you can shoot a video showing how to trade on HitBTC exchange and call your audience to click the referral link.

Commission Rates

Up to 75% of the fees referrals pay to HitBTC

Why Join HitBTC Affiliate Program?
  • Payments are calculated on a daily basis
  • 30 days cookie duration for returning referrals
  • 50% trading fee rebate for your referrals
  • Very high commissions
  • Unique links for each channel: Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.
  • Extended support for partners and their referrals

Review & Ratings

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  1. 1
    sheilenavarro0 Submission Oct 18, 2023

    HitBTC is a scasm

    One has to be careful with the brokers on the internet now. Last year I was scammed in the binary trade option by a broker I met on Instagram. I invested $14000 which I lost, I couldn’t make a withdrawal and I slowly lost access to my trade account for 3 months. I was frustrated and depressed. After a few months, I met Olivia who is A recovery expert that works with Olivia Trader affiliation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law firm. he worked me through the process of getting my money back and all the extra bonus which I got during my trading. he can be of help to anyone who has a similar situation. You can contact her via
    WhatsApp +1 (423) 248 - 2140

  2. 2
    dale Submission Aug 30, 2023

    get back your money from this company

    I refuse to let this investment firm's deceit define me. Through my journey of loss, I discovered refundback.org a beacon of hope. Their guide to reporting scams and reclaiming funds empowers us all. Let's break the cycle of deception and pave the way for a brighter future.
    if you've fallen victim lodge a complaint to refundback.org to get your funds recouped

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