HideMyAss! Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Up to 100% per new sign-up, up to 35% per renewal


If you have a deep interest in virtual private networks and you want to help people find trustworthy VPN solutions, you can start out as a HideMyAss! affiliate and earn up to 100% commission per sale. You don’t even need a website or blog to join the HideMyAss! affiliate program as you can promote the VPN service through your social media pages as well.


About HideMyAss!

HideMyAss! (abbreviated as ‘HMA!’) is a company registered in England and they have their registered office at High Holborn, London. Founded by Jack Cator back in 2005, on a random afternoon when he decided to build a web proxy website as a way to get around firewalls, he quickly discovered a huge number of people out there were after exactly what he’d built. Now a member of the Avast family, HMA! is a part of one of the largest and most trusted security companies in the world. With over 400 million users and growing, each helping to make the network stronger against the cybercriminals, HideMyAss! is still one of the most trusted VPN service providers. Check out this intro video:



HideMyAss! Affiliate Program

Hidemyass.com affiliate program is operated by Privax Limited (the parent company). The affiliate program allows any person or company to earn fees from referring customers to Hidemyass.com. Referral fees will be generated when a new customer referred by affiliate purchases a subscription package to use Hidemyass.com VPN services. To start with, sign up for the HideMyAss! affiliate program through Avangate. Once you’re approved, use your Avangate Account Manager to promote HMA products on the web or via email, search & links. When a customer clicks on your links and buys, you’ll receive a commission rate of up to 100% of the sale. Additionally, you will get monthly commission payments on an ongoing basis as customers renew through your Avangate account.

As an affiliate, you are free to display pricing and other information related to Hidemyass.com subscriptions. It is your responsibility to keep such information up-to-date through your own efforts; although the company may inform you prior to any pricing alterations, they have no obligation to do so. As an affiliate, you can earn the new rates for any first order and the renewal rates for life when subscribers renew.

Commission Rates

Up to 100% per new sign-up, up to 35% per renewal

1 month 100% 35%
6 months 40% 30%
12 months 40% 30%
24 months 40% 30%
36 months 40% 30%

24 and 36 months plans are subject to availability.

Why Join HideMyAss! Affiliate Program?
  • Up to 100% commission rates for new and 35% for recurring orders
  • Advanced control panel hosted by Avangate (easily track orders and campaigns)
  • Real-time tracking
  • 30-day cookie duration

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a website or blog to become an HideMyAss! partner?
No, but it might be hard to make money without one. You always have options though. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just some of the ways to spread the word to friends and family.

Do you have to create your own ads and artwork to promote HMA!?
No, HMA! can offer you some pre‑made links and banners free of charge. There is a lot to choose from, so just pick whichever one grabs you—just be aware banners are region-specific. All the HMA! landing pages use GEO IP technology which redirects visitors to the pages localized in their language.

Can you promote HMA! products via paid search?
You can, BUT there are certain restrictions in place that must be followed. You can learn about it more when you become an affiliate and read the affiliate policy. Just be careful and make sure you don’t break any rules—if you do, your account might be closed.

What countries can participate in the affiliate program?
No countries are restricted.

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