GreenGeeks Affiliate Review

Vertical: Hosting
Models: CPA
Payout: $50 - $100 per sale


GreenGeeks affiliate program provides all of its affiliates an opportunity to refer customers and earn up to $100 per sale. The affiliate program is easy, quick and free to join. You can get your unique tracking code for your websites and start earning commissions.

About GreenGeeks
The GreenGeeks management team has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable website hosting. Having been around for more than twelve years, GreenGeeks understands its customers need for outstanding service and has put together a complete solution to help get their websites online quickly and easily and to promote their websites. GreenGeeks has an unrivaled reputation for quality green energy web hosting with outstanding 24x7x365 support services at an affordable price. This video explains what GreenGeeks green web hosting means for their clients, and the environment:


GreenGeeks Affiliate Program
The GreenGeeks web hosting affiliate program is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs available on the Internet today. You can join over 10,000 affiliates and help promote one of the fastest growing web hosting brands on the Internet. Not only will you be promoting a great web hosting service, but you’ll also be spreading a green message to help make the Internet a greener medium.

You’ll earn a commission when you refer customers to GreenGeeks. You’ll receive a unique tracking URL to track your referrals. Simply copy/paste onto your website or send the URL to your prospective referrals. When someone you refer makes a purchase with GreenGeeks, the company will automatically track the sale to your account which will generate a commission. Every time a referral signs up using your tracking link, they will pay you up to $100 per sale and pay you out every month via check or PayPal. When you send them more referrals, you’ll earn more per sale!

Commission Rates
$50 – $100 per sale

  • If you can generate 1 sale, you will get $50 per sale
  • If you can generate 2 sales, you will get $60 per sale
  • If you can generate 3 sales, you will get $70 per sale
  • If you can generate 4 sales, you will get $80 per sale
  • If you can generate 5 sales, you will get $90 per sale
  • If you can generate 6 sales or more, you will get $100 per sale


  • If you were to send GreenGeeks 1 referral a day in a given month, you would earn a $3,000 payout.
  • GreenGeeks also offers special incentives and bonuses. Get in touch with the CEO and affiliate manager, Trey Gardner, to see what kind of special incentives you can possibly earn.

Why Join GreenGeeks Affiliate Program?

  • Dedicated affiliate team
  • Wide selection of creatives, content & banners
  • Unique affiliate tracking URL
  • Targeted landing pages
  • Custom campaign tracking
  • Advanced real-time statistics
  • Competitive commissions for performers

Review & Ratings

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  1. 1
    scdvv Submission Oct 29, 2022

    My experience with GreenGeeks

    Hello! I've had a horrible experience with them, basically, they denied paying my commission, after bringing them lots of genuine customers. Started in Feb 2022, and made 138 sales, but they just closed my account and denied paying 48 of them... Beware! Look for another reliable hoster to promote, this one is not wort it. I have written more on TrustPilot, you can look it up if you wish to save the trouble.

  2. 5
    Ringmania Submission Sep 30, 2022

    Old Banners

    Perhaps they should update their banners with the latest price instead of using the same ones that they had over 4 years ago.

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