G2A Goldmine Review

Vertical: Ecommerce, Gaming
Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: Up to 60% per referral made by team member


G2A Goldmine affiliate program lets affiliates earn money by promoting products on G2A Marketplace through referral links (reflinks for short). Whenever someone purchases a product on G2A.COM through your reflink, you receive a portion of the product’s price. Moreover, once someone clicks your link they are assigned to your Goldmine team, allowing you to profit from their future purchases as well. You will also receive your share if they decide to become active Goldminers themselves. Watch this explainer video to know how you can earn money with G2A Goldmine:


About G2A

G2A.COM is a widely trusted marketplace with some of the best video game deals. G2A.COM offers low prices for its online deals, a price match guarantee, and a large selection of digital gaming products around. However, G2A.COM is not only a great place to buy games, but it is also a great place to sell them. As a seller on G2A Marketplace, you can sell almost any kind of digital goods in a convenient, fast, and secure way. Your online offers can include game keys, skins for weapons or characters and other in-game bonuses, DLCs, gift cards or software – anything based on an activation key or a unique link.

G2A Goldmine Affiliate Program

Tell your friends about G2A’s Goldmine – build a team and boost your earnings. Just sit back and relax as your work brings profit now. Use the tips and tools G2A made for affiliates to maximize the earning potential.

For example, if a person A got a reflink from you and buys a product, you will get 100% of the amount declared at the bottom the product page (level 1 relation). Next, person A, already on your Goldmine team, sends their own reflink to someone else and once person B purchases a product, you’ll receive 60% of the sum person A earned (level 2 relation). If person C purchases a product from person B’s reflink, you’ll receive 40% of what person B earned (level 3 relation). The more people click your reflinks, the better. Use your social media channels to share the links with your friends.

Commission Rates

Up to 60% per referral made by team member

  • If a person gets a reflink from you and buys a product, you will get a fixed amount (CPA).
  • If someone on your GoldMine team sends a reflink to some other person and that person buys a product, and the team expansion continues, you will get up to 60% commission per sale.

30-day cookie duration

Why Join G2A Goldmine Affiliate Program?
  • Safe and reliable marketplace
  • Generous commissions
  • Residual earning opportunities
  • Earn with a team
Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get assigned to a Goldmine team and for how long?
Each user is assigned to a Goldmine team by making a successful purchase via someone else’s reflink or using someone else’s Cashback code. You will always be assigned to the first level of someone’s team once you use their reflink or Cashback code. Every time you move to another team you go down one level. If you go below the third level, you will be removed from the team. This means you can be in three different teams at the same time.

Can you have more than one Goldmine account?
Each user can have only one account. Read Goldmine’s terms & conditions for more information.

How do you withdraw your Goldmine profits?
To withdraw your money, just log into your G2A PAY account and open the Receive Payment tab. Goldmine offers numerous withdrawal methods, such a Skrill, Webmoney, Payoneer or bank transfers. Note that Goldmine profits can be withdrawn 14 days after the successful completion of each rewarded order.

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