Flywheel Affiliate Review

Vertical: Hosting
Models: CPA
Payout: Up to $500 per qualified referral


FlyWheel affiliate program allows its partners to earn up to $500 for every referral.

About FlyWheel
Flywheel started in 2012 with a simple mission: to improve the lives of the millions of web designers and developers worldwide that build sites on WordPress. Despite having remote hires all over the world, Flywheel is super proud of its origins (and headquarters) in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The biggest bulk of FlyWheel team works here. Outside of Omaha, FlyWheel has a remote team that tackles their work anywhere from the West Coast to Sydney, Australia. Check out this video to know what the company essentially offers to its clients worldwide:


FlyWheel Affiliate Program
Thousands of designers and developers are super fans of Flywheel. They love FlyWheel’s blazing fast site speeds, friendly and efficient service, industry-leading management tools, and inspiring design. The company created a world-class web hosting referral program to reward its team of brand advocates. Friends of Flywheel love the lucrative commissions (up to $500 per referral), but most of all, they love knowing their friends and clients are getting a WordPress hosting platform that leads the industry with innovation, service, and handy tools that help them spend more time doing what they love. You can max out your earnings as a FlyWheel brand advocate in two ways – Referrals and Transfers.

  • Referrals – Use your custom referral link to promote Flywheel on your blog, your social media channels, wherever you want. When customers come to Flywheel and purchase a plan, you earn commissions.
  • Transfers – When you spin up a new demo site on Flywheel and transfer it to your client, your commission automatically registers as soon as they activate a new plan with FlyWheel. It’s a win-win for both your client and your bank account.

By joining FlyWheel affiliate program, you will have access to the following:

  • Tons Of Creative Assets – From beautiful banners to co-branded pages to snazzy social images, FlyWheel has got the assets you need to tell your audience about Flywheel. FlyWheel team would be happy to work with you to make some custom images that will take your commissions to the next level.
  • Content That Converts – FlyWheel’s diverse playbook includes original, easy-to-read content that’s just bursting with tips and tricks that are perfect for any audience. Whether you prefer to promote blog articles, ebooks, videos, or courses, sharing this content with your custom referral link is an easy job.
  • Professional Support – Not only can you always feel confident your clients’ technical issues will be well taken care of, but you have FlyWheel expert marketing squad at your disposal for tips and tricks for taking things to the next level.

Commission Rates
Up to $500 per qualified referral

Why Join FlyWheel Affiliate Program?

  • No Minimums – Every qualified referral gets paid. FlyWheel has no minimum performance metrics or minimum earned for payouts, so you’ll get paid for even just a single sale!
  • Hot Deals Throughout The Year – As an affiliate, you’ll be the first to hear about FlyWheel’s legendary Black Flyday and Fly July promotions, as well as other hot deals throughout the year.
  • Early Access – FlyWheel frequently calls on their referral partners for their feedback on new features and products. Not only will you be the first to try out new stuff, but reviews are huge sources of referrals.
  • Secondary Commissions – If you refer a friend and they buy several plans from FlyWheel, you earn payouts on all of those referrals, up to $500 for that source.

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