FabFitFun Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fashion
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 8% per sale


FabFitFun affiliate program is a fun way for bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and anyone with a large following to earn amazing perks while promoting FabFitFun. Each season, FabFitFun updates affiliates with banner ads, photos, exclusive spoilers, and all of the other resources they need to help earn the most perks possible. As an affiliate, you can earn an 8% commission per sale, plus a lot of perks.


About FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a subscription box that offers full-sized beauty, fashion, fitness, tech, and lifestyle products. The box is seasonal, so it comes out four times per year. Our box retails for $49.99 each season, and the contents are valued at over $200. To know more about FabFitFun Warehouse and the brand itself, check out this video:



FabFitFun Affiliate Program

The technology for FabFitFun affiliate program is provided by a third-party affiliate network, Partnerize. Therefore, you should first sign up as a publisher on Partnerize Partner Management Platform. Once you are approved, you will receive a unique tracking link, which helps Partnerize to keep track of sales so they can pay out your commission accordingly. If you are promoting the box on your Instagram, FabFitFun recommends putting your unique tracking link in your bio. This way, your followers are able to click through and you can earn your commission. Besides earning an $8 commission for each box sale referred through your tracking link, you can also enjoy additional benefits as a FabFitFun affiliate partner. When you bring in three or more sales within the same season, you will receive a complimentary FabFitFun box for the following season. In addition to that, you will have access to sneak peeks & exclusive spoilers and you can participate in sales contests to earn free products, FabFitFun credits, and more. This is how you can promote FabFitFun.

  • Blog – Review the contents of the box or post in your bio. Include the FabFitFun box in your holiday gift guide or other product round­ups.
  • Pinterest – Share pins of the box (don’t forget to use your tracking link)
  • Instagram – Post photos with your $10 off code in the caption. Don’t forget to mention in your caption that you’re directing your followers to the clickable link in your bio.
  • Facebook – Enter your link into the share menu at the top of your Timeline or homepage. You can include a message next to your link if you like.
  • Twitter – Paste your link into the Tweet box. After you’ve composed your Tweet, be sure to hit the “Tweet” button. You can also include your link in your bio.
  • YouTube – Share the contents of the box in an unboxing haul.
Commission Rates

8% per sale

Why Join FabFitFun Affiliate Program?
  • Giveaways, incentives, and bonuses
  • Easily accessible banners and links to post on your blog or social channels
  • Earn your free box by selling 3 or more subscriptions in a season
  • An all-access pass to FabFitFun and receive exclusive sneak peeks, offers, and tips on how to grow your social following


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you expect to receive your commission payout?

You will receive a commission payout at the end of every month for all commissions accrued during that month.

Where do you select your preferred form of payment?

At the end of each season, your sales will be tallied and you will be paid through Partnerize. You can log in to your Partnerize account, select “Payment Settings” from the drop-down, and choose the “Add payment method”.

How to stay in the loop?

You can join the affiliate Facebook group where FabFitFun talks about all things affiliate related and let affiliates know each season when new info is up.

You don’t live in the United States or Canada. Can you still sign up for FabFitFun affiliate program?

You can sign up to be an affiliate no matter where you live in the world. However, as on date, only US and Canada­based followers are able to purchase FabFitFun Box or earn a free box.

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