eLearners Affiliate Review

Vertical: Education
Models: CPL
Payout: Up to $40 per lead


If you join the eLearners affiliate program, you will get instant access to high-quality marketing materials and superior customer support service.

eLearners is owned and operated by EducationDynamics, LLC, an industry leader in higher education marketing. EducationDynamics (EDDY) supports several student-serving websites and media ventures, with the objective of helping to match prospective students with colleges and universities that may fit their needs. EducationDynamics is a privately held corporation that operates an education marketing and media online business. Watch this video to know how eLearners.com caters to ‘post-traditional students’:


eLearners is one of the strongest brands in online education, providing leads to the education market since late 2000. Their experience in meeting the needs of both college partners and the end users of the site give them a leadership position in the industry. With superior marketing tools and unparalleled customer service, the eLearners affiliate program has become one of the best in the education vertical.

Commission Rates
Up to $40 per lead

Only US or Canadian leads accepted

Why Join eLearners Affiliate Program?

  • Access to a large database of accredited e-colleges and e-degrees
  • Interactive search widgets
  • High-performing banner ads
  • Real-time reporting
  • Highly experienced affiliate management team

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