eBay Affiliate Review

Vertical: Ecommerce
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 1% - 6% per sale


By joining the eBay affiliate program, namely the eBay Partner Network (EPN), you can earn money by driving traffic and prompting sales across one of the world’s largest and most diverse marketplaces. As an eBay affiliate partner, you will have the liberty to decide the best affiliate model based on your specific business and you can integrate your mobile, web, and social platforms with eBay’s global inventory. eBay’s affiliate program comes with a hefty 1% – 6% commission per sale in a revenue share model. To know more about eBay Partner Network and to receive eBay affiliate marketing tips, watch this video:


About eBay

Whether somebody is looking for a product that is new or used, plain or luxurious, commonplace or rare, trendy or one-of-a-kind – if it exists in the world, it probably is for sale on eBay. Founded in 1995, eBay’s mission is to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection. They give sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. With 183 million active buyers, 1.4 billion live listings, and 490 million app downloads, eBay is one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world. To know more about the brand, check out this video:


eBay Affiliate Program (eBay Partner Network)

If you are into affiliate marketing, eBay can be your home for growing your business. If you are already driving traffic to your store and your listings, you can make money regardless of if your listing sells or not. eBay Partner Network is eBay’s in-house affiliate marketing program. By signing up as an affiliate partner, you can offset your seller frees, diversify your revenue streams and increase your earnings. The approachable platform provides the solutions you need to build ads and campaigns, drive traffic to increase revenue, monitor performance, and optimize results. Through continual testing and growth, eBay helps business owners to step up their game at each stage of their journey.

As an affiliate partner, you can choose from your own listings or the 1 billion others in eBay’s global marketplace. You can monetize your digital footprint and share these listings with your audience. You will get paid when someone clicks on your link and buys on eBay within 24 hours. With commission rates ranging from 1% to 6% of eBay’s revenue (50% – 70% of the price of products), there’s no limit to your earning potential.

Commission Rates

1% – 6% per sale

Ebay commission rated


  • For each sale completed by a New or Reactivated Buyer (someone who hasn’t purchased on eBay in 12 months or longer before clicking on your link), your commissions will double.
  • eBay’s revenue (typically around 50% – 70%) may vary based on vertical, product or brand, and is only an estimate
Why Join eBay Partner Network?
  • Work with a global commerce leader – From global brands to local stands, eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating the opportunity for all.
  • Leverage deals and promotions – You can earn for the traffic you drive to a specific item, but also any traffic that results in a sale. Funneling users to eBay’s high-converting landing pages can move the needle.
  • Track, analyze, and optimize – The partner portal provides intuitive tools and comprehensive reports that deliver the rich, granular data you need to understand, manage, and improve your results.
  • Get rewarded for innovation – From mobile apps to unique integrations, many of eBay partners engage and delight buyers by developing experiences that they build on the rich platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you earn commissions?

First, find what you want to promote on eBay. Next, create a link to that page on eBay using one of the tools in your eBay Partner Network account, such as the Link Generator. Then, you promote that link. How you do that is up to you – via your blog, your site, through social media, etc. as long as you follow the basic Terms and Conditions of eBay Partner Network. If someone clicks on that link and makes a Qualifying Transaction, you will earn a commission.

The commission you earn is based on a percentage of the sale price. The percentage depends on the category of the item and the site where the purchase was made. You can find the details of the rate card on the Rate Card & Policy page.

You just joined. How should you set up your account?

Once you have registered, you can start driving traffic to eBay with EPN links right away. However, you’ll need to enter four pieces of information, namely address of your business, description of your business, preferred payment method (PayPal/Direct Deposit), and tax information, before eBay can make payments to your account.

What is a Qualifying Transaction?

A Qualifying Transaction occurs when (1) an end user makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking your link for a “Buy It Now” item, or (2) an end user places a bid on an “Auction” item within 24 hours after clicking your link and wins that auction within 10 days.

For Qualifying Transactions, you receive a percentage of the revenue eBay earns from that purchase. Note that there are certain items and categories for which eBay earns low or no revenue; in such cases, you will therefore earn low or no commissions. These items and categories may include, but are not limited to gift cards, items sold by charities, and a small sub-set of special promotional deals.

Can you link to a different eBay account?

Yes, you can change the eBay User ID associated with your EPN account.

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