DXRacer Affiliate Review

Vertical: Ecommerce, Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 5% - 10% per sale


A DXracer affiliate typically has a good number of followers on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are an internet micro-celebrity or an influencer, no matter how big your audience is, you can join the Dxracer affiliate program, and earn up to 10% commission per qualified referral, or each online purchase generated through your website or social media channel.


About Dxracer

DXracer was founded in 2001, starting off as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury sports cars. Out of its inspiration and curiosity, DXRacer, the first and original brand of the modern gaming chair was born in 2006 and headed for the world of gaming and eSports. The production began and years of innovation and investment in research and development has resulted in a wide product range, including several types of ergonomic gaming and office chairs with a refined racing-inspired design. As the leading premium brand of gaming chairs, DXRacer is world-renowned and available on all continents with its headquarters in Michigan, USA. Check out this video to know more about what types of gaming products DXracer offers:



Dxracer Affiliate Program

To sign up for the DXracer affiliate program, you need to fill out a simple online form. The affiliate program is powered by Refersion, a third-party affiliate network. All applicants are reviewed individually and if accepted, you should get a response within 2-4 weeks. However, at this time, DXracer is only accepting affiliates within the continental United States and Canada. Affiliate benefits include, but are not limited to, promotional product for giveaways, priority social promotion, and more.

Commission Rates

5% – 10% per sale

14-day cookie duration

Why Join DXracer Affiliate Program?
  • Free to join, and you can cancel it anytime
  • Generous commissions in a tiered structure
  • Affiliate report updated twice a month


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can you apply?
DXracer recommends applying after every major milestone you have.

What is the commission structure?
This gaming affiliate program has a tiered system that determines your commission based on the amount of code uses. You will always earn at least 5% commission on all code usages.

When do you get paid?
All affiliates are paid out within 30 days of the previous month ending.

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