DigitalOcean Affiliate Review

Vertical: Hosting
Models: CPA
Payout: $25 per referred user, $10 in hosting credit


You can now get paid to tell your friends the DigitalOcean story. DigitalOcean Referral Program helps its patrons get the most out of qualified referrals.

About DigitalOcean
DigitalOcean offers the simplest cloud platform for developers & teams so that they can deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently. The company makes managing infrastructure easy for teams and businesses. The optimized configuration process that DigitalOcean offers saves time during running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments. The cloud platform, designed for developers, let them build more and spend less time managing infrastructure with an easy-to-use control panel and API. Learn more about DigitalOcean product in this short video:


DigitalOcean Affiliate Program
The DigitalOcean affiliate program works in a pretty simple way. Tell your friends about the DigitalOcean story. Your friend signs up and receives $50 in DO credit to use for 30 days. You earn $25 after they reach $25 in billings. It’s that simple.

Commission Rates

  • $10 in hosting credit (to be credited to affiliate account after successful addition of payment method)
  • Affiliate receives $25 once a referred user finishes spending $25 on cloud/web hosting.

* Notes

  • By subscribing to DigitalOcean email newsletter, you will be opting to receive updates about new feature releases, discounts and promotional codes, security updates, and more.
  • Anyone with the referral link or code would get free $100 in account credit, which comes with a validity of 60 days.
  • The use of referral codes by multiple Accounts having the same billing profile is not allowed.
  • Earned credit from making a referral will expire after 12 consecutive inactive months. An inactive month is a month without an invoice billing event. All referral payouts will be paid in DigitalOcean credit.
  • Sign-up credit earned via referral credit will be counted as the one promotional code permitted.
  • Redemption of promotional credit is limited to 12 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated), at which time the credit will expire. Upon redemption, promotional credit expires after 12 months unless otherwise defined in the terms of the promotion.

Why Join DigitalOcean Affiliate/Referral Program?

  • If you enjoy DigitalOcean and want to share it with friends and colleagues, you can earn account credit and track signups with a referral code.
  • Anyone you refer to DigitalOcean who signs up using your unique referral link will receive $10 in hosting credit immediately after unlocking their account by adding a valid payment method. In return for helping DigitalOcean spread the word, once the person you refer spends $25 as a DigitalOcean customer, you get $25 in credit.
  • There is a daily limit of 30 invitations, but there is no overall limit on the total number of people you can invite, nor a limit on the amount of referral credit you can earn. You’ll see pending referrals on your account when someone has signed up with your link but has not yet met the spending threshold for the payout to occur.

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