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Deluxe offers a broad range of marketing tools and small business services to help businesses run effectively. They offer a gamut of small business services which includes- logo design, print marketing, website design, email marketing, social media management, search engine marketing, etc.

In addition to these services, the experts at Deluxe also offer a suite of supplies to the small businesses, which includes- business checks, payroll services, retail packaging, business forms, emailable echecks, business & office supplies, etc. Not just this, Deluxe has also helped more than 5,000 financial institutions to help them achieve their desired outcomes. They provide best-in-class solutions such as- data-driven marketing, treasury management, digital engagement, check & fraud, etc. Learn more about some of Deluxe services & products:


Deluxe B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs Review
Deluxe brings an opportunity for the businesses to become a part of their digital sales team. They provide their affiliates with superior services and personal attention. The impressive highlights of the Deluxe affiliate marketing program are- outstanding commissions, High EPCs, dedicated support team and a wide range of products and services to promote.

Mentioned below are the important details about Deluxe affiliate marketing programs.

Deluxe Business Products
Every business, no matter big or small requires various business products to manage the daily functioning of their business. Deluxe is a leader in offering checks, forms and promotional products. Upon promoting deluxe business products, the affiliates will get:

  • Up to 30% commission rate per sale
  • EPC over $350
  • 60-day cookie

Deluxe Business Services

If you choose to promote Deluxe business services, you can gain more. Promote Deluxe’s custom logos, website, payroll, SEO, social media marketing services and get handsome commission rates. The affiliates will get:

  • 60-day cookie
  • Up to 50% commission on converted sales

Web Design Affiliate Program

The web design affiliate program of Deluxe helps online marketers, bloggers and website opportunities to generate revenue. It is easy to get started with Deluxe. You would need to sign up to get your trackable link. Share this link on all your social channels and website. You can easily earn up to $250 for every sale you bring to the Deluxe’s sales team.

Deluxe Web Design affiliate gets you :

  • Unlimited referrals
  • High conversion
  • Generous commission rates
  • 60-day cookie window

Deluxe Logo Design

Just like web design, Deluxe Logo Design program helps you to earn money easily as an affiliate. You would need to sign up to get your trackable link. Share this link on your website and all your social channels. You can earn up to 50% commission for every sale you bring to their sales team.

Merits of Deluxe Logo Design:

  • High conversion
  • Handsome commission rates
  • Unlimited referrals
  • 60-day cookie window


Deluxe’s highest-quality brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations can help you earn a good amount of money. Upon promoting and selling Deluxe’s high-quality printing solutions, the affiliates will get:

  • Upto 8% commission
  • EPC over $65
  • 60-day cookie

Bags and Bows

Enhance the awareness of your brand with personalized bags and bows. Promote Deluxe’s bags and bows and get ready to earn impressive commissions and EPC. You will get:

  • 60-day cookie
  • EPC over $200
  • Up to 15% commission

MacHighway is a leading and reputed provider of website building and web hosting services. It is designed for Mac users by Mac users to cater to their specific needs. MacHighway has 99% uptime and provides unmatched levels of customer support and expertise. By promoting Machighway’s, you can earn up to $100 commision per sale and will also get 60-day cookie.

Free Logo Services
The free logo maker of Deluxe enables clients to design the perfect logo for their business. Free logo services can be used to enhance the awareness of your brand with customized print marketing and promotional products. With logo services, you can earn up to 15% commission and 60 day cookie.

Top Advantages of Deluxe’s Affiliate Program

You can reap numerous benefits by being a part of Deluxe affiliate program. Mentioned below are some of the rewards that you are expected to get by partnering with Deluxe.

  • Up to 50% commission on every sale
  • Cookie lengths of up to 120 days
  • A huge inventory of high-converting and up-to-date banners and text links programs
  • A dedicated support and management team
  • Alluring incentive and bonus opportunities
  • Access to wide range of datafeed files featuring over 25,000 products & services
  • Regular correspondence through updates, monthly newsletters, and much more

How to Participate in Deluxe Affiliate Program?

In order to participate in the Deluxe affiliate program, read terms and conditions carefully. Complete the application form in order to apply for the network of your choice. You are expected to share all the details about the marketing strategy you are going to use to enhance the chances of being accepted into the program. The application will be reviewed by the experts at Deluxe and the candidates will be notified when their application gets approved. Once approved, they can use the link to their merchant site and produce commissions.

The affiliate programs of Deluxe are offered through ShareAsale and/or Commission Junction. To participate in the program, you must be a member of one of these networks. In case, you are already a member of both the networks, you need to choose only one network to join the program.

Tracking sales on Deluxe Affiliate program is extremely easy. The ShareASale and Commission junction networks offer updated online reports in real-time that tracks impressions, click-throughs, orders and commissions. The affiliates can follow the links to see which link is performing well and which products visitors are buying more.

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