Cuddle Clones Affiliate Review

Vertical: Pet
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


Cuddle Clones affiliate program is a perfect fit for marketers who are passionate about their pets.

About Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones is a brand that aims to celebrate the joy of pet ownership. The company recognizes the unbreakable bond pet moms and dads have with their fur-children. But oftentimes that bond is disrupted due to travel, going away to college, military deployment or sadly the loss of a dear pet. The company captures that connection with 100% handmade plush replicas of a PET. The company aims to capture all of the physical details and personality traits of a pet in an adorable stuffed animal form. These adorable creations are called ‘Cuddle Clones’. Watch the Cuddle Clone story to get an understanding of how the company went strength to strength:


Cuddle Clones Affiliate Program

If you or your organization has a passion for pets, then Cuddle Clones wants to partner with you through Cuddle Clones Affiliate Program. The company provides marketers with tools for sharing Cuddle Clones with their audience. Any sales generated from these promotions are then tracked and shared with the affiliates.

Commission Rates

30-day cookie duration

How Does Cuddle Clones Attribute Sales to Affiliates?

  • Coupon Code – Affiliates can choose their own coupon codes. Whenever a unique code is used by a customer, they get a discount and the affiliate earns a part of the sale.
  • Tracking Link – Cuddle Clones provides affiliates with a unique link to their website that is tied to the affiliate or partner account. When a customer clicks this link and makes a purchase within 30 days, the affiliate gets credit for the sale.
  • Unique Webpage – Affiliates can get their own pages on the Cuddle Clones website complete with unique pictures and exclusive offers. If someone visits the page and purchases something within 30 days, affiliates get a credit for the sale.

How Can Affiliates Interact With Their Customers?

  • Face to Face – Do you own or manage a pet-related retail store or Veterinarian practice? Do you offer in-home services to pet-owners? If so, Cuddle Clones have materials and strategies to help you show off their products in person.
  • Online Content – Whether it is pictures, guides, or product reviews, if you are creating pet-related content online Cuddle Clones is ready for you. Get ready for the coolest, most unique set of products your audience has ever seen.
  • E-Commerce – Do you have an e-commerce website that sells pet-related products? Cuddle Clones can provide you with assets and an easy set of instructions to implement their products seamlessly into your website.

Why Join Cuddle Clones Affiliate Program?

  • Get Rewarded for Success – The percent earned on each transaction goes up based on the number of months in a calendar year you have generated at least one sale.
  • Your Success Helps Pets in Need – A portion of all sales at Cuddle Clones, directly benefit pets in need.
  • Cuddle Clones Will Take Care of Your Customers – The company offers phone and chat-based support via in-office customer service representatives.
  • Give Exclusive Discounts to Your Customers – 3rd Party Validated, Real-Time Earnings and Performance Reports available.

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