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Vertical: Financial
Models: CPA
Payout: Up to $240 per accepted loan offer


Credible is the leading multi-lender marketplace for student loan refinancing, private student loans, and personal loans. Credible affiliate partners love working with Credible because the company delivers the best experience to its users while maximizing conversion. As a Credible affiliate partner, you can earn up to $240 per accepted loan offer within a 45-day cookie window.


About Credible

Credible lets students and adults continuing education compare personalized loan offer from multiple vetted lenders, giving them the power and confidence to improve their financial future.

Credible enables them to compare the student loan refinancing products from multiple lenders they qualify for side-by-side, based on all of the criteria that are important to the students, like total repayment amount, APR, repayment options, and monthly payment. To know more about the company, check out this video:


Credible Affiliate Program

Student debt is top of mind and partnering with Credible can help save your readers thousands. The marketplace model offers the most options, broadest eligibility and best user experience. As an affiliate, you can monetize existing content or create something brand new with unlimited earning potential.

Getting started with the Credible affiliate program is easy. You can fill out the contact form on the affiliate page to let the Credible team know you’re interested. They make it easy to get started so you can spread the word to your audience. Credible will manage the partnership and make sure you are set up for success. Credible pays out commissions when loan offers are accepted.

Signing up for the program can result in a win-win partnership for you as an affiliate. As Credible offers a great service that compares multiple options for student loan refinancing as well as competitive payouts on loan conversions and has consistently provided feedback on how to optimize those conversions, you can actually grow your passive income by joining the program.

Commission Rates

Up to $240 per accepted loan offer

Why Join Credible Affiliate Program?
  • Competitive Payouts
  • Unmatched Conversion
  • Highly Relevant

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