Caveman Training Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fitness
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 15% - 100% per sale


Caveman Training affiliate program is all about quality and passionate affiliates. They pay generous commissions because the brand only allows those that are truly interested in the products/services. This means you need to have a website related to fitness, a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a Facebook group, Pinterest, or another marketing platform that is related to health and fitness to join the affiliate program. By joining the program, you can earn a minimum of 15% commission per sale and even 100% commission per sale.


About Caveman Training

Cavemantraining has designed some of the world’s best and unique kettlebell workouts for beginners to advanced, from cardio, flexibility, strength, endurance, and more. If somebody wants to get fit and strong with kettlebells, discover awesome workouts, take an online course, or get certified as a trainer online, they can check out is the premier provider for online kettlebell education. 10,000 people have already joined the group and thousands of students enrolled in online courses. To know more about the brand, check out this video:


Caveman Training Affiliate Program

Getting started with the Caveman Training affiliate program is easy. You just need to register for an affiliate account by filling out an online form. After that, you need to go through the approval process, check out their creatives and request customized creatives. In the next stage, obtain a coupon code and start promoting the products. Once a sale is realized, you will receive your commission.

The affiliate commission percentage will depend on what type of traffic resource you have. The default affiliate commission rate is 15% and the highest percentage is 40%, with the latter reserved for those who have a high-traffic website and bring in regular sales. You can also negotiate commission on individual products, i.e. you are interested in a particular product believing it will get good traffic from your website, and you will invest time into this one product. After you present your plan, you may get a custom percentage. If you have a mailing list or a high-volume campaign you intend to run for a product, the Caveman Training affiliate team can also discuss a custom affiliate commission prior to you running the campaign.

Once you generate two sales through your referral links, you can contact the Caveman Training affiliate support team and ask about customized graphics, videos, landing pages, backlinks, etc.

If you invest time and resources into promoting, the affiliate team of will ensure a high return on your investment and let you use one of their groups to promote, provide you with a unique voucher code to provide discounts to your clients and receive a commission on any sales.

Commission Rates

15% – 100% per sale

  • 15% per sale as default
  • 20% per sale once you have generated revenue over $1000
  • 40% per sale on select products
  • 100% per sale for Caveman Inner Circle Membership valued at $30


  • By default, all the products in the Caveman Training shop earn affiliates a 15% affiliate commission. As you have generated over $1,000 in revenue, you can apply to be promoted to the 20% tier.
  • For earning 100% per sale for Caveman Inner Circle Membership valued at $30, the customer needs to follow through with signing up for a membership.
Why Join Caveman Training Affiliate Program?
  • High Selling Products like Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 1.0, Kettlebell Workouts and Challenges 2.0, and Kettlebell Exercise Encyclopedia
  • Very high commissions
  • Tiered commission structure
  • Chance to earn 100% commission
  • Customized graphics, videos, landing pages, backlinks

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