Bloomgroove Affiliate Review

Vertical: Vaping
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 15% - 20% per sale


Bloomgroove affiliate program is made to generate sales and commissions without any of the small print you can find on many websites and get paid with a level of certainty unrivaled in the industry. With a generous starting commission of 15% on all online sales made on and a possibility to earn more, Bloomgroove’s affiliate program can be an excellent moneymaking opportunity for you if you have a vaping blog, website or YouTube channel.


About Bloomgroove

Bloomgroove’s mission is to provide a handpicked selection of premium smoking gear and trustworthy shopping experience across the board. They have used their enthusiasm for natural health and infused it with their background in coding to build a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use online marketplace that runs on a super-secure platform.

Bloomgroove sells 100% original products that are sourced from carefully vetted suppliers and brands, but in the end, it provides buyers with the choice among quality products in a variety of price ranges.


Bloomgroove Affiliate Program

As a Bloomgroove affiliate, you need to promote branded vaporizers and vape pens, torches, grinders, containers, appliances, and other accessories. When you sign up for the Bloomgroove affiliate program, you will get access to a variety of custom-made promotional content that is tailored to your specific needs. You can earn your commissions through the web, email, and social channels with full link tracking and access to your affiliate dashboard.

Here’s how it works. As a user clicks on a link on any of your channels, ShareASale (the network which provides the tracking technology for the program) logs the user IP and places a tracking cookie. As soon as the user makes an order (the order can come later or in a different browser session, the order and the resulting sale registered to you. One the sale gets reviewed and approved, you will get your commission. Although the base commission starts at 15% per sale, you can scale your earnings up to 20% commission based on performance.

Commission Rates

15% – 20% per sale

Why Join Bloomgroove Affiliate Program?
  • Industry-leading commissions
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Custom banners and materials
  • Sub affiliate program that will get you earnings on affiliates you bring in
  • Affiliate-specific promos
  • SEO-friendly links for affiliate websites
  • Additional promos and discounts for affiliates
  • Easy-to-use affiliate dashboard

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