BitForex Partner Review

Vertical: Cryptocurrency
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 30% of the fees referrals pay to BitForex, Additional 30% lifetime commission for Knight Partners


If you become BitForex Partner, you can target crypto traders in more than 180 countries, which are all supported by the world’s leading one-stop digital asset service platform. As a BitForex partner, you can enjoy 30% on spot transactions, plus up to 30% on perpetual transactions if you become a Knight partner. BitForex has paid out more than 380 BTC in affiliate commissions, and you can become a part of the team too.


About BitForex

BitForex is a global Top 10 cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to providing users with safe, professional, and convenient digital currency trading services. BitForex is leading the trend of the cryptocurrency exchange industry by effectively providing a wide range of trading tools including token trading, margin trading, and derivatives —constantly adapting to new market needs with the continuous introduction of new features. To know more about the exchange, watch this video:


BitForex Partner Program

BitForex MT5 Affiliate Program is an excellent way to grow your passive income. As a BitForex partner, you can invite your friends to register on BitForex by sharing your exclusive invitation link. Every time a friend completes an MT5 transaction, you will get a portion of their transaction fee in commission.

As part of this program, BitForex will provide 1-on-1 assistance from the marketing team to expand promotional support. BitForex MT5 affiliate partners will be able to fully focus on business development and receive profit-sharing on trading fees by BitForex MT5. There are two partnership schemas which you can choose from:

General Referral

  • Standard rebate schema for more than 300 trading pairs
  • Daily Settlement
  • 30% Spot Trading Commission

Knight Referral

  • Premium rebate schema and tailored commission package to your needs
  • Daily Settlement
  • Up to 30% Spot Trading Commission
  • Extra 30% Perpetual Contract Trading Commission
  • Dedicated Partnership Support
Commission Rates

30% of the fees referrals pay to BitForex, Additional 30% lifetime commission for Knight Partners

Why Join BitForex Partner Program?
  • Attractive Commission Package – Enjoy 30% on spot transaction plus up to 30% on perpetual transaction
  • Data Transparency – Real-time report with detailed information on referral data and commission details
  • Daily Settlement – Commission arrives your account within 24 hours
  • Advance Referral Management System – User control panel for detailed analysis for your referral
  • Choose Your Partnership Schema – Premium rebate schema and tailored commission package to your needs

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