AppJobs Affiliate Review

Vertical: Jobs
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 40% per qualified sign-up


If you are interested in growing your passive income by promoting a job search portal to your audience, you can boost your earnings by joining the AppJobs affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn money online by promoting one of the world’s largest gig-work marketplaces to your audience. As an Appjobs affiliate partner, you can earn 40% per qualified sign-up.


About AppJobs

AppJobs is a gig economy start-up, currently having over 900,000 members spread across 300+ cities, 38 countries and 11 languages. It is a free job search website, connecting job-seekers with apps and services such as Uber, Postmates, Lime and many more.

The aim of AppJobs is to match job-seekers with jobs that are tailored to their preferences and qualifications, without the need for a CV. AppJobs also matches gig workers with additional services for the gig economy such as tax help and insurance every step of the way. To know more about AppJobs, watch this video:


AppJobs Affiliate Program

The AppJobs Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn commission on referrals from your unique affiliate link through content such as blog posts, advertisements, email campaigns or job boards. With the program, you can create a new stream of revenue and reach a wider audience promoting job ads and services to freelancers and independent contractors worldwide and in a multitude of cities and languages. receives payment for the recruitment of its member job seekers for platforms that operate in the gig and sharing economy. The company shares its revenue with its affiliate partners. AppJobs works with passionate affiliate marketers of all varieties. You don’t need to have a company or website- you can still be an AppJobs Affiliate if you believe the future of work is the gig economy and if you reach freelancers, students, expats, and digital nomads or promote money-making ideas.

As an affiliate, you can promote offers in the USA, Canada, and the UK. AppsJobs is present in over 160 cities in North America with hundreds of gig economy job offers that are translated into as many as 10 different languages with the goal to reach as many people as possible. On top of that, AppJobs is quickly growing in other international markets such as Central and South America, Europe – especially Germany, France, Spain, and expanding into Asian countries.

Commission Rates

40% per qualified sign-up


For every user that is redirected to and who then applies for or signs up with any of AppJobs’ commercial partners, the affiliate partner receives compensation of 40% of AppJobs’ revenue.

Why Join AppJobs Affiliate Program?
  • Largest gig-work marketplace with global reach
  • 700+ partners and 15+ gig-job categories – a gig opportunity for everyone
  • Competitive commission payouts
  • Easy to track your performance on the Affiliate Dashboard
  • Receive your commission payouts on time
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • Support Team to assist you with the platform or with promotion methods anytime you need


Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will you get paid?

Payments are issued monthly and are made in US dollars. The payment is transferred to the bank account provided by the Affiliate. There is currently a $100 minimum payout and AppJobs doesn’t support regular cheques at the moment.

If you are a legal entity, an invoice must be issued with the payment term of 60 days. The payment will be executed only on the basis of such invoice.

If you are a physical person, the payment will be executed without an invoice, after the Affiliate’s payment request, with the reservation of 100 USD threshold. The payment term is also 60 days.

Do you need to be an AppJobs member?

You don’t need to be an AppJobs member, but AppJobs highly recommends it.

Do you need to have a website to become AppJobs Affiliate Partner?

No, you do not require a website to become an AppJobs Affiliate Partner.

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