TruDog Affiliate Review

Vertical: Pet
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% per sale


Are you looking to maximize your earnings by promoting pet products? TruDog has an amazing selection of pet products which you can promote to the right audience and rake in huge amounts of money every month!

About TruDog Brand
TruPet (also known as TruDog) is a family-owned pet food company located in the Midwest. After tragically losing her great dane, Truman, to cancer, CEO and founder Lori Taylor wanted to establish her own brand and founded TruPet – brand that is known for its all-natural dog food products. Their all-natural, made-in-the-USA, raw meat diet is not only what dogs crave, but it also supplies them with the vital nutrients they need to thrive.

TruDog, a small, family-owned company founded in 2013, has carved a niche for itself in the pet food market. Find more about the TruDog – a company that sells all-natural pet foods by watching this nice intro video.
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TruDog Affiliate Program
TruDog is looking for website owners and social media influencers to passionately promote their products to their audiences. TruDog uses the ShareASale network as a trusted third-party to accurately track and pay commissions based on performance. From ear cleaners to dental spray and supplements to calming chews, among other items, their products create healthy and easy solutions to help keep your pet healthy and happy. Your readers won’t find products of this quality at better prices.

It’s easy and free to join the Affiliate program on ShareASale.

TruDog and ShareASale
TruDog and ShareASale

Commission Rates

10% commission with VIP bumps and bonuses available based on effort.

* Notes

2-Tier Sign up Bonus Program ($2.00). Options available for % payout.

Why Join TruDog Affiliate Program?

  • 90-day cookie validity
  • Affiliate promotions and monthly newsletters
  • Personal help from dedicated managers
  • Data feed ready for ShareASale tools – Product Showcase, Make A Page, Product Discovery Bookmarklet
  • Exclusive to the ShareASale affiliate network

The Affiliate Program is actively managed by the Apogee Agency – a reputable affiliate management agency incorporated in 2009.

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