Sila Games Affiliate Review

Vertical: Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 6.5% per sale, 3.5% per renewal


Sila Games is one of the world’s largest video game stores having more than 5000 titles from 55 top tier publishers. They have PC, Linux and Mac games to discover weekly deals and offers on licensed video games. They also offer PC Games, Keys for Steam, U-play and Origin.

They usually work with content creators, YouTubers, Twitch streamers, bloggers or influencers and offer a pretty good commission.Sila Games Affiliates provide access to all their product feed and tools for promoting games. Every time the user buys something, they pay handsome commissions.

Program Highlights

  • Absolutely free to join and open to everyone
  • There are no restrictions to work with other affiliate programs.
  • Free games are given as promotions
  • Each sale from your affiliate link gets a commission
  • Any game can be placed on your website with an iframe code. Access is also available to distribution tools.

Their affiliate program has two types; standard and premium as per details given below.

Standard Affiliate Program

  • First purchase-5% commission + 2.5% commission on each next purchase
  • mail support and newsletters are available

Premium Affiliate Program

  • More than 40,000 YouTube subscribers
  • More than 200 Twitch viewers
  • First purchase -6.5% commission + 3.5% commission on each next purchase
  • Skype, mail support and newsletters are available

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