RageOn Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fashion
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% per sale


By signing up for the RageOn affiliate program, you can share any product and make 10% commission from every sale. RageOn fashion affiliate program pays out commissions based on the base price of each product. You’ll make 10% of the base price of every sale you help drive. Check out this short RageOn affiliate tutorial video to get an idea of how the program works:


About RageOn

RageOn has pioneered the art of made-to-order dye-sublimation, also known as all-over-printing, which enables print and design of any colors across the entirety of a product. By printing on a made-to-order basis, RageOn saves money on inventory and storage and is 100% green with zero waste. In 2015, RageOn gave the “freedom of creation” to the masses with the RageOn App & web creator (Patent Pending). RageOn, based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Cleveland, has sought out 30 of the most skilled expert advisors and employees from Pinterest, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Uber, Google, Twitter, Airbnb, eBay, Oracle, Stanford, and MIT that share a common love for the mission of making merchandising easy for the creators of this world. Now, artists from around the globe can create and sell any design that comes to mind with no investment other than time. Check out this intro video to know more about RageOn:



RageOn Affiliate Program

You need a RageOn account to become an affiliate. Share any product on RageOn to your socials, email, text – literally anywhere to find people to purchase the products you promote. You earn a 10% commission on anyone who clicks on your link and purchases an item within 30 days. Once logged in, Share through social or Copy Link to post your affiliate link across the web. Add the affiliate code to any rageon.com URL to create your affiliate link. You make 10% of anything someone purchases that come through your link within 30 days.

RageOn Referral Program

Aside from its affiliate program, RageOn also has a referral program which you can sign up for. You can make 20% of what RageOn makes from every user that signs up after clicking your link. Your affiliate and referral code are the same. When you are signed in and you share a product, your affiliate/referral code is attached. If someone clicks on your link and signs up and starts selling – you make 20% of what RageOn makes from their sales, for the entire next year.

When sales happen, money is deposited into your RageOn account in real-time. Check your Referral tab in the Transactions section of your dashboard on the web to see who is signing up after they click your links and your referral sales.

Commission Rates

10% per sale

Why Join RageOn Affiliate Program?
  • Generous commissions
  • Easy to join (you just need a RageOn account)
  • Track all earnings easily


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply?
You don’t have to apply separately. Once you have a RageOn account, you are automatically an affiliate.

How do you see your sales?
On your dashboard under transactions, there is an “Affiliate” section where you can track all sales that come through your affiliate links.

How do you see your Referrals or Referral Sales?
Login to the web – www.RageOn.com > Transactions > Referral Sales

Can you check affiliate or referrals on the iOS app?
Affiliate Sales will show up, but for an easy to view affiliate and referral view, please check your dashboard on the web.

How do you get paid?
You can cash out via PayPal in your profile once your earnings are greater than $50 and it’s been 30 days.

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