Pluralsight Affiliate Review

Vertical: Education
Models: CPL, Revenue Share
Payout: $5 per free trial sign-up, 10% - 50% per subscription


Pluralsight’s on-demand technology learning platform empowers tech pros to master today’s most in-demand skills. By joining the Pluralsight affiliate program, you can earn $5 per free trial sign-up, 10% – 50% per paid subscription, while helping people build their skills. Joining the program is easy if you already have an Impact Radius account. You will get a 45-day cookie window and lots of added benefits once you are approved for the program.


About Pluralsight

Many leaders lack visibility into what their employees are capable of or how to best leverage their teams to deliver on their technology strategy. With the Pluralsight platform, business leaders and managers can tap into expertise from anywhere and develop skills quickly, so they can bring products to life sooner and boost productivity.

Over 1,500 authorities teach the latest technologies and processes using Pluralsight and the online video learning company offers courses on the cloud, microservices, machine learning, security, Agile, and more. To know more about the company, watch this video:


Pluralsight Affiliate Program

Pluralsight is on a mission to change the way the world learns. As a Pluralsight affiliate, you can also help others build their skills while growing your own following. The technology for the Pluralsight affiliate campaign is provided by Impact. You can just fill out a form to complete your application to the affiliate program.

If you already have an Impact account, joining is easier. Once you are approved, Pluralsight will provide you with resources to help you succeed. They make the commission structure simple, so you can focus on your own business. Note that referrals are only considered for credit if they occur within 45 day(s) of the action.

Commission Rates

$5 per free trial sign-up, 10% – 50% per subscription

  • $5 per Free Trial sign-up
  • 50% per Monthly subscription
  • 15% per Annual subscription
  • 10% per Premium subscription
  • 10% per Professional subscription
Why Join Pluralsight Affiliate Program?
  • Optimized creative content – Optimized banner ads and other creative assets will help you drive sales.
  • Monthly Newsletter – A monthly newsletter provides insights and tips.
  • Access to courses – Free trial to relevant Pluralsight courses will help keep your own skills sharp.

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  1. 5
    Kel5 Submission May 03, 2023

    Affiliate marketing

    I see that pluralsight is a good affiliate marketing for the world

  2. 5
    Vidushi rastogi Submission Sep 20, 2021

    CPL World wide campaign

    Your points are very nice and clear the CPL details .

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