Mail250 Affiliate Review

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% per new sign-up, 10% per renewal


Mail250 is a team of techies that aims to make email marketing affordable and scalable. Mail250’s affiliate program spans all arenas, attracting the most influential industry leaders who use their networks to share Mail250 with their audiences. If you join the Mail250 affiliate program, you can potentially earn 20% for every new sign-up and earn 10% on every renewal for the lifetime.


About Mail250

Mail250 (previously Swipemail) is an AI-driven bulk email marketing service. The platform is a proprietary i-MTA (an AI-driven Mail Transferring Agent) which keeps itself updated with the recent ISP’s anti-spam policies, user’s online behavior across the internet and enables smart delivery for business or non-profit email marketing campaigns. Users can create the most engaging email templates, personalize them and schedule. They can also get actionable data about their emails in real-time like delivery status, bounce, opens, clicks, etc. This video explains how your referrals can sign up with Mail250:


Mail250 Affiliate Program

Mail250 affiliate program is for anybody with a voice. If you are a blogger, you can monetize your blog by adding Mail250 Affiliate Program banners and affiliate links to your posts. Alternatively, if you a social media hero, you can utilize your social ability to get Mail250’s name out there using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On the other hand, educators can also promote Mail250 as an email marketing platform. Whether you run a business podcast, news outlet, or a media hub, Mail250 is always newsworthy. As a business leader, you can engage your entrepreneurial audience by helping them find independent success on Mail250. YouTubers can also make a tutorial, review Mail250 and earn through the affiliate program.

The Mail250 Affiliate Program is free and easy to join. To get started, sign up or log into your account. Promote Mail250 using a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, blog, social media, video tutorials, educational courses — however you choose. You’ll get a commission for every new paid customer that signs up through your link.

Commission Rates

20% per new sign-up, 10% per renewal

Why Join Mail250 Affiliate Program?
  • Generous commissions
  • Both fixed and recurring commissions available
  • Zero threshold
  • Track payouts in real-time
  • Customized banners and creatives


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fixed recurring commission?

Yes. A 10% of any plan purchased by your referral is a fixed recurring commission (for any plan for any price).

Is there any multi-level commission?

No. If your user has referred to another user, and if that user makes payment/upgrades his account, you won’t get a commission.

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