Life Extension Affiliate Review

Vertical: Health
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 8% - 12% per sale


If you want to spread health and nutrition and earn a commission on sales of vitamins online, Life Extension affiliate program might be the right kind of program for you. Life Extension is now looking for outstanding Commission Junction publishers in the area of health and wellness. If you have a content-rich website and a dedicated audience that demands only the highest quality supplements and health information, you can join the program and earn 8% – 12% commission per sale.


About Life Extension

Life Extension, the world’s authority on anti-aging supplements, is dedicated to helping individuals take charge of their health and nutrition. With its extensive range of high-quality vitamins and supplements at value pricing, the company offers life-enhancing products for almost any health concern. Their wide variety of health supplements and vitamins online can quickly be found through Life Extension’s easy-to-navigate website. Check out this video to know why and how Life Extension is different from many other supplements companies:


Life Extension Affiliate Program

Life Extension affiliate partners enjoy a performance-incentive tiered sales commissions from 8% up to 12% and a 120-day referral period – the longest period available in the CJ network. It is one of the best-performing Commission Junction advertisers. With an average order value of over $170.00 U.S. dollars and a site conversion rate of 3.4 percent, Life Extension’s Web Affiliate Program can dramatically increase your online commission.

Life Extension Web Affiliate Program features competitive industry rates, performance incentive commission, appealing banner graphics, product catalog links, and a team of web marketing specialists to support all your publishing needs. Life Extension adheres to strict conduct for approval of affiliate websites. Your website must pass their standards based on relevant content, clear design and user-interface, reliable and web-safe HTML use, good web ownership practices, current target audience, and search engine reach.

To get started on the program, follow the links to Commission Junction’s Publishers’ page. This page has information, links, and resources for all questions you might have, such as setting up an account, understanding affiliate marketing, running reports on your sales, or navigating your publisher interface.

Commission Rates

8% – 12% per sale

  • $0 – $999.99 – 8.0%
  • $1,000.00 – $4,999.99 – 9.5%
  • $5,000.00 – $9,999.99 – 11.0%
  • $10,000.00 and up – 12.0%
Why Join Life Extension Affiliate Program?
  • One of the top-rated advertisers on CJ Network
  • Generous commissions
  • Tiered commission structure
  • Very long cookie duration
  • Wide variety of creative


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a website outside the United States be an affiliate?
Yes. Life Extension welcomes affiliates from almost anywhere in the world; however, customers that buy from the site must pay in U.S. dollars. All commission payment checks to Affiliates are in U.S. dollars. Due to certain distribution restrictions, Life Extension is unable to pay commission on orders which will ship to: AU, BE, DE, DK, FI, FJ, FR, IE, IT, LU, MO, NL, NZ, NO, PT, SE.

Can you use Life Extension’s content on your site?
Yes, within certain guidelines. Product images are usable, but please be aware that labels and images change often. Life Extension articles are available as long as each is presented in its entirety and is cited at the article’s source.

Do sales to customers anywhere in the world apply for commissions?
Unfortunately, due to certain distribution restrictions, is unable to allow commissions to be paid on orders which will ship to certain countries. These are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Fiji, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

What about product returns?
If a user returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How does Life Extension monitor sales?
You will find all the reporting you need in your Commission Junction’s Account Manager. Simply log in to your CJ Publisher Account and select the Run Reports from the main menu. You will be able to run Performance Reports and Transaction Reports from the tabs located below the main menu. Sales are found in the Performance Reports tab.

How often can you find reports?
You can run reports any time you wish. Simply log in to your Commission Junction’s Publisher Account and select the Run Reports from the main menu.

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