Daily Game Sale Affiliate Review

Vertical: Gaming
Payout: $0.72 - $22.90 per sale


Our affiliate program is intended to be a simple way to earn money – just tell your friends about our sales. Everytime your friends make a purchase, your earnings will go up!

Whenever you tell a friend about DailyGameSale.com who then makes a purchase, your account balance will be updated with the current affiliate earnings for each product ordered. Your account balance can be used to purchase games at any time, or be withdrawn to a Paypal account of your choosing.

How long does my referral/cookie session last?
When you refer a user, their account is tied to yours – allowing you to earn for every purchase they make in the future.

Daily Game Sale Affiliates Restrictions

  • Affiliate earnings cannot be claimed for personal purchases, using two accounts.
  • Referrals must be directed to DailyGameSale.com using standard methods. Cookie stuffing is not allowed.
  • “Cash Back” and “Limited Uses” coupons, which are distributed on select occasions. When such a coupon is applied to an eligible product, no affiliate earnings will be generated for that cart item.

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