CargoCert Affiliate Review

Vertical: Insurance
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


CargoCert affiliate program is totally free to join. As an affiliate, you can help protect your customers while earning income. Watch this video to know how the affiliate program exactly works:


CargoCert team has more than 100 years of combined cargo insurance experience. The company provided cargo insurance for freight to 142 different countries in 2016. The world’s leading insurers have partnered with CargoCert to provide clients with instant moving insurance. CargoCert coverage terms were drafted by maritime lawyers and transportation industry experts, who are well versed in the nuances of cargo insurance and the transportation industry and are backed by world-leading insurers.

Joining the Cargocert affiliate program is fast and easy. It is open to all moving company professionals for referral fees and all insurance agents and brokers on a commission basis. The CargoCert application form only takes a moment to complete. Simply click the “Join Now” button on their affiliate page, fill out the application form (it is only a few basic questions about your company and the Tax ID). The management will run a quick business background check to approve the account. Once approved, you will receive log-in details and your tracked links. You will also receive an account portal and a tracked link you can share with your customers. You can put this link on your website, email it to customers, or click on it yourself if you want to help your customer get the insurance. You can see claims and claim status, and referral fee payment status 24/7 in real time. Each time your affiliate link is clicked on and someone creates a certificate, you receive credit for that certificate.

Commission Rates

Affiliates earn a referral fee for each certificate based upon the bedroom count (for moving companies) or for insurance agents/brokers a percentage of the premium. There is no limit, the more certificates referred, the more you can earn in referrals. You will receive a monthly check with your referral fees.

Why Join CargoCert Affiliate Program?

  • Direct brokerage owned by independent underwriters and claims adjusters authorized by Lloyd’s, AIG, TT Club
  • Mutual Insurance and AXA
  • Claims and claim status, and referral fee payment status can be checked 24/7 in real time
  • No limit on earnings

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