amoCRM Affiliate Review

Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 35% - 50% per sale


The amoCRM Partnership Program is created for those entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers and system integrators who are in it for more than just mere profits. By joining the amoCRM affiliate program, you’ll receive requests from customers to build custom integrations, provide consulting and team training. As an amoCRM affiliate, you can earn 35% commission by selling amoCRM to clients, but you are not just a reseller. As your skills grow, the bulk of your revenue will come from the added value you provide — and that income is 100% yours. To know more about the program, watch this video:


About amoCRM

Consumers are already exchanging millions of messages with businesses every day. amoCRM adds a whole set of messaging apps to the arsenal of business sales teams, equipping the reps to respond to lighting fast to hot leads and drive more sales. They can also write to leads on the messaging app they prefer from the comfort of the lead card. Users can grab messenger leads, respond more effectively, and do it with all the lead’s info right in front of them. To know more, watch this video:


amoCRM Affiliate Program

Any partner, regardless of their experience and profession, can earn from training customers or simply by setting up the CRM. With Messenger-Based Sales in your toolkit, marketers can offer customers services that bring about tangible results, such as driving more leads and boosting conversion rates.

If you’re a developer, then you can open an entirely new revenue stream by building widgets, designing sales bots, or customizing amoCRM. If you’re a consultant, you’ll be able to add value by conducting training, providing professional feedback, analyzing costs, and offering other services.

As an amoCRM partner, you’ll receive requests from the customers to build custom integrations, provide consulting and team training. You can also charge the customer for these services and keep 100% of what you earn to yourself. amoCRM will provide you with all the necessary tools, so you can help their customers get the most out of the system.

Commission Rates

35% – 50% per sale

Why Join amoCRM Affiliate Program?
  • Incoming Client Requests Provided By amoCRM – Once you join the program, amoCRM will match you with leads and customers who need a little something extra, be it coaching, custom implementation, or any other added value.
  • Free Enterprise amoCRM Account – You will get an Enterprise-grade amoCRM account with all features unlocked for two whole months after signing the contract. Every time you make a sale, your account subscription will be prolonged for an extra six months.
  • 35% – 50% sales commission – You’ll get 35% for every subscription purchase that your customer makes. Your commission doesn’t expire, so if the customer keeps paying, you’ll always get your share. After reaching $10,000 in sales as a partner, you will be eligible to get a 50% commission.
  • Sales Support And Training – amoCRM will provide you with all the necessary information, such as sales and marketing materials, technical documents, demos, and webinars. You’ll also be in touch with the amoCRM team.
  • Dedicated Partnership Manager – You’ll be assigned with your Partnership Manager from amoCRM, and they will assist you whenever you need it.
  • Get Recognized By amoCRM’s Audience – Your achievements will be shared on amoCRM blog or social media platforms (depends on the agreement). Also, they will create a landing page dedicated to your company on the website.

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