A2 Hosting Affiliate Review

Vertical: Hosting
Models: CPA
Payout: $85-$140 per sale


A2 Hosting affiliate program lets you earn up to $140 for each new customer you refer to their website. Moreover, you can earn $5 for each new customer as a part of the sub-referral commission structure of the affiliate program.

About A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting got their start back in 2001 when the CEO of the company, Bryan Muthig, used his strong background and experience as a UNIX systems administrator to launch A2 Hosting. While A2 Hosting was originally launched as a hobby, it was evident this side venture would grow into something more. From our roots in a two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan to hand picking the very best team members and data centers located around the globe, from hosting a couple sites for a few friends and family members to hosting thousands of prominent websites, and from just offering Shared Web Hosting to a complete, fully scalable product line featuring Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server solutions, the company has gone from strength to strength. A2 Hosting now has a blazing fast web hosting solution. Watch this video to get a brief idea about what A2 Hosting brings to the table:


A2 Hosting Affiliate Program
It’s easy to sell the high-speed hosting plans to your audience and earn generous rewards by signing up for the A2 Hosting affiliate program. You can earn up to $140 for every new customer you send their way through your affiliate link. Just tell your friends, family, website visitors and social media followers about A2 Hosting. Your earnings can pile up fast. A2 Hosting paid $500,000+ to their top affiliate last year. As a part of the affiliate program, you can earn more for every sale based on the number of sales you deliver each month.

To get started, sign up for A2 Hosting affiliate program. Access your affiliate account once you are approved for the program. There, you’ll find your customized affiliate link. Copy and paste your A2 Hosting marketing material onto your website, emails, and newsletter. Earn commission each time a new customer clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and purchases a new hosting package. Web development tips, marketing strategies, and A2 Hosting news will be sent directly to your inbox.

Commission Rates
Up to $140 per new signup

  • If you can make 1-10 sales in a month, you will get $85 per sale
  • If you can make 11-20 sales in a month, you will get $100 per sale
  • If you can make 21-30 sales in a month, you will get $120 per sale
  • If you can make 31 sales or more in a month, you will get $140 per sale

This way, if you send A2 Hosting 31 new signups in any month, you will get 31 X $140 = $4340 in commissions.


  • 90-day cookie duration
  • If you think your site’s traffic is worth more than $140/sale, you can contact A2 Hosting affiliate manager and explain why. You may be eligible for an even larger affiliate commission.

Why Join A2 Hosting Affiliate Program?

  • Custom customer welcome email & landing page for top affiliates
  • Active & responsive affiliate program management
  • Real-time affiliate stats
  • Monthly payments on the 15th
  • A/b tested landing pages
  • Triple redundant tracking
  • Easy-to-use post affiliate pro control panel
  • Deep linking (choose where you link)
  • High conversion rates & customer retention

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