2Game Affiliate Review

Vertical: Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 7% per sale


2Game affiliate program allows affiliates to earn just by communicating with other video games fans. 2Game are authorised retailers of game keys. They offer customers over 2,000 digital products download for PC, Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live and Playstation Network. More info about 2Game and how to buy games on their website can be found in the video below:


Program Benefits

  • 7% commission on sale
  • Fabulous offers on new games, exclusive promotions and best prices
  • They create new marketing plans based on fresh ideas
  • Excellent onsite conversion rates
  • Affiliates get to work with an authorized retailer
  • Affiliates get an official creative pack
  • Product updates are immediately communicated through Skype or Email
  • Tapfilate tracks results and helps performance optimization

How it works

  • Become a member and set up an affiliate account.
  • Get a cool pack of creatives and a unique reflink.
  • Use your unique personal reflink to invite people to visit 2game. Share it widely with your friends, on forums, social media, streams and ingame.
  • Earn 7% commission whenever someone visits 2game from your reflink and makes a purchase. Browser cookies will save the information and next time the same person orders you will still get a commission.

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