How to Write Affiliate Product Reviews That Drive Sales

How to Write Affiliate Product Reviews That Drive Sales

Knowing how to write affiliate product reviews without turning away from your target audience is surely an art. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t want your readers to click away from your website. It’s a given that your review must be persuasive enough so your readers click through your affiliate links and make a purchase, right?

We have a nice and short guide on how affiliate links are different from editorial links. Check it out before you head below the fold.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Therefore, you need to master the hacks of effective product review writing as informative and in-depth product reviews are what your target readers look for.


Why Write Product Reviews For Your Affiliate Website?

Have you ever tried writing product reviews for your affiliate website? Try asking some experts and they’ll tell you the difficulties they encountered because it is too much of a straightforward process. You need to share your thoughts about products from the user perspective and show your readers at least a few good reasons to buy the products you are promoting.

At the same time, your inner marketer will try to come out. Should I say this? Should I not say this? And this perhaps will leave you hanging somewhere between having a writer’s block and going excess with it.

But worry not. It’s not the end of the world. We have broken down the entire process of writing kickass product reviews that can help you drive sales.


What’s A Product Review (And Why Would You Care So Much)?

An affiliate product review is all about sharing your ideas and thoughts on a certain product, and enlisting the advantages you gain out of it.

So if you have invested in that OTG, explain why it’s great. Think of the possible age groups who would take an avid liking to your product and how handy it must be to have it in the house.

For someone who had been contemplating for a long time to buy a USB On-The-Go device, they will surely skim through your review. At the same time, you can’t rule out the possibility altogether of those who would completely dislike the features.

Nearly 88% of consumers check out online product reviews and personal recommendations before buying anything. Now imagine what kind of benefits you can reap if you can tap into this huge pool of prospective buyers. But for that, you need to outnumber negative impressions with positive ones. Here’s how to do that.


How To Write Product Reviews From A User POV?

There’s a strong misconception that to pull in customers, you need to give a 5-star rating to the product (and you might have hated that). Now, why would you do that? Because your objective is to make money and you feel anything less than four or five stars would reduce the chances of generating sales.

But doing that is akin to treading into risky territory. This might also make your site look fake.

Well, not every product in your niche has to be that great. And stats reveal that bad reviews also cause conversion rates to go up by 67%. So if you review products and provide them a one or even a two-star rating, it just makes the write-up real. And haven’t we all seen people investing in products from the most reputable e-stores despite having very low ratings? That is self-explanatory.

So how should you write your reviews? Get brutally honest while writing your reviews. Explain your pain points and how the product helped solve your problem. Take a relatable approach.


How To Structure An Affiliate Product Review?

As we wrote it right above, it’s all about being real, honest, and conversational. As long as your review is readable, relatable, and informative; people will flock in more and take the next course of action.

Your target is to establish a deep connection with your audience. And that can only come about if you show people the need to trust you, so don’t even think of misleading them. Refrain from sugar-coating your review.

Here’s how you can structure your affiliate product review for your audience.

Summarize Well

An affiliate review must come in a good package. In fact, the opening paragraph itself accounts for close to 30-35% of the sales. How? Firstly, it hits the motivated buyers straight to the point who looks for quick opinions, and secondly, it will make or break the readers’ belief before he or she chooses to scroll down or move to the next page.

Be Empathetic

For those who are still here to read through your content, it’s time to get a little up, close, and personal. Instead of ranting at the features aimlessly, solve your customers’ problems.

Your clients won’t appreciate your perfect lingo or extraordinary writing prowess. The empathy factor can come up when you describe well how the product performs in actual scenarios if they happen to be in the same situation. And that is directly linked to the likeability factor.

Research On The Target Audience

The research work includes identifying who the product is for. Identify the product’s target market and see how you can hit the bull’s eye! Your outreach strategy should be well defined. By doing this, you will not only play selective with the prospects but also help yourself build credibility.

Get Straight To The Solution

There are umpteen problems already in this world. The reader knows that and he or she is looking up to you for stepping in and offering the best solution possible.

You can try incorporating a video in here as that generates greater traffic and provides good multimedia feel to the overall structure of your post.

The principle of ‘pre-selling’ works wonders here. Pre-selling is engaging in sales without selling for real. This means that you demonstrate the usefulness of the product and your reader resolves all queries without getting unnecessarily pressurized to make a purchase. Whoa!

How About Some Case Studies And Explainer Videos?

The best way to write a product review for an affiliate website is to show how a product works in the real world. The purpose is two-fold.

First off, you can demonstrate the features of a product well through a case study or explainer video, and secondly, potential buyers would picture themselves improving their lives by adding the product to their lives. In other words, not just ‘persuading’, but you can ‘inspire’ your readers to buy a product.


Final Thoughts

We suggest wannabe affiliate marketers stick to the right format. Insert as many pictures and videos as you can and divide your review article into multiple subheads and subsections. Insert symbols and icons, do a comparative analysis with competitor products, append other user reviews and you will be good.

Writing product reviews for affiliate websites should not be a daunting task. You need to love the product and the brand first. Also, recognize the need to deliver value to your readers. Do not forget to find the right product to promote as this is something really, REALLY important for affiliate marketing success.

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