Can You Sign Up For Multiple Affiliate Programs And Should You?

Can You Sign Up For Multiple Affiliate Programs And Should You?

Can you promote multiple brands on a single website or blog? The short and snappy answer to this question is ‘Yes’. You can definitely sign up for multiple affiliate programs and promote more than one brand from your website or blog.

Signing up for multiple affiliate programs can actually help you grow your passive income and mitigate risks. By promoting multiple programs, you can increase the total volume of referred sales and even if one of the brands or products does not convert well, you can still shift your focus to the second product, or maybe a third.


Is It A Good Decision To Promote Multiple Brands From Your Website?

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Promoting multiple products from a single website or blog is no big deal, provided that you are not riddling your website with too many affiliate links, text, and images. Also, promoting products from different verticals on a single website is not a wise thing to do, as your website may look like lacking any specific aim or purpose. You will eventually lose the trust of your audience and your website may look a bit spammy.

Verticals in affiliate marketing are narrow market segments encompassing a group of businesses and their target customers who are all interrelated around a very specific niche. Read more about Affiliate Marketing Verticals here.

Even if you can make a lot of sales by joining multiple affiliate programs from a single vertical, it might be a lot taxing on your time.


Should You Keep Adding Affiliate Programs To Your Resume?

This could very well be a disaster after a certain stage.

First off, if you try to do too many things, it might diminish your productivity. More so happens if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. You have to split your time between several products, and sooner or later, you would notice that you are not producing great content anymore. If you have a cookie-cutter approach toward content production, you may not be able to pay attention to the USPs of each product, which would be counterproductive.

Once you set up a routine for yourself, you can gradually add one or two programs to your affiliate resume, and diversify your efforts accordingly.

Remember that you need to spend time on research, create and curate content, create backlinks, take your meals, sleep, go for a walk, and repeat. Affiliate marketing is a lot like gardening. You just can’t sow the seeds and watch your garden grow. In gardening parlance, you need to lay the groundwork, do a pre-treatment of the seeds, water the plants, spray pesticides if required, and so on.

Also, some brands won’t allow you to promote their products alongside other products (which might very well be from their competitor brands) from the same website and you may get banned for promoting other brands.


Should You Set A Limit For Yourself?

Well, it’s the most sensible thing to do if you have limited resources and time.

If you must add more than one affiliate program to your resume, limit the number of programs to three. One obvious advantage of promoting 2-3 different products that focus on different aspects of a specific vertical is that your audience can easily find related products and services and this can help you build trust over time.

For example, if you are promoting guitars from a specific brand, you can also promote guitar classes from a different brand on the same website. As you can see here, the overall goal and target buyers of both of the brands are almost the same.

Do not forget to do thorough research about the brand you are promoting, as this will help you have an obvious strategy. Work with 2-3 brands of the same vertical and you can get traffic, convert, and make money sooner or later.

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