9 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums You Can Join to Build Connections and Find Help

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums You Can Join To Build Connections And Find Help

Forums, forums, everywhere. Like in every other field, there is no dearth of affiliate marketing forums on the internet.

This has led a lot of affiliate marketers to believe that affiliate marketing forums and groups are of no use to their business. This is probably the reason why people have already begun to overlook their significance.

However, if you are ready to harness its full potential, an affiliate marketing forum can turn out to be a fantastic platform for you to find help and information. Irrespective of whichever affiliate marketing vertical you might be interested in, you will probably stumble upon a forum abuzz with marketers like you.


What Are Affiliate Marketing Forums?

In case you are still in the dark about the concept of affiliate marketing forums (and web-based forums in general), an affiliate marketing forum is a repository of information about anything and everything affiliate marketing.

Not only that, but these forums are also great places for meaningful interaction with fellow marketers. You can even get the chance to network with seasoned pros on these forums. Every affiliate marketer should join at least one affiliate marketing forum. By joining one of the top affiliate marketing forums, you can create connections, make new friends, find help, and even join affiliate conferences.

Let’s have an in-depth understanding of the benefits of joining the best affiliate marketer forums on the internet.


Why Join Affiliate Marketing Forums?

The biggest advantage of joining an affiliate marketing forum is that you would be able to communicate with several fellow bloggers. You can take part in debates and discussions and receive actionable tips from top affiliate marketers. Also, you can gradually build your own persona. However, make sure you use your picture and branded name in your forum profile.

If you want to get organic exposure, joining affiliate marketing forums can be highly beneficial. If you are an active member of a forum and share tips and tricks on a regular basis, other members would start visiting your blog and try to stay in the loop about what you share on your blog or website. Some of them might even become loyal followers.

In addition to that, affiliate managers of some of the biggest companies join these affiliate forums to keep tabs on top-performing affiliate marketers who can drive sales and revenue for them. Therefore, if you join any of the top affiliate marketing forums, you might just land a partnership opportunity with any of those big brands having their own affiliate programs.


The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums You Can Join

On the top affiliate marketing forums, you will learn how top affiliate marketers use these platforms for self-promotion, albeit in a subtle manner. Engagement is mandatory for any kind of online business and learning the tricks of engagement is important. All the affiliate marketing forums we have listed here are pretty active and usually have thousands of people online throughout the day. If you set aside a particular time for posting on a forum, you will be surprised by the stunning response that you will receive. So, here you go.


1. affLIFT

Cost: $20/month

Language: English

Although this particular forum is not free, the price you need to pay in order to join affLIFT is nominal in comparison to other affiliate forums that are available. You will have to shell out $20 a month if you wish to join affLIFT.

Here, you would have the opportunity to network with top marketers like Emmanuel Cinca, Servando Silva, and many others. AffLIFT has been created by PeerFly’s director and this implies that you can get him on the forum on several occasions. He will be sharing some crucial information with you.

Despite being a relatively new forum, affLIFT has been progressing by leaps and bounds and has garnered a nice reputation for itself. However, the number of members is still not that big, which means you can get more attention and exposure to the forum. The forum is filled with new and trending topics. The admins and moderators of the forum help the new joiners learn the brass tacks of affiliate marketing, and beyond that.


2. StackThatMoney (STM)

Cost: $99/month

Language: English

StackThatMoney or STM is among the most comprehensive and versatile affiliate marketing forums. Aside from being a forum, it also helps the affiliates to connect with each other in a big way. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that STM is the most famous forum as of today.

With your membership, you can sign up for the Affiliate World Conferences and training programs of STM to enhance your knowledge and experience. You can even communicate with Super Affiliates on this platform and gain information. In addition to that, you can get to know how the affiliate marketing industry works and what’s currently happening in the affiliate world.

Read more about What are Super Affiliates And HOW You Can Become One Here.

None of your queries will go unanswered and this probably the strongest point of STM. It has been quite some time that this forum has been active in this industry and hence, the experience it has in guiding and advising affiliates is huge. The seasoned pros can show you the smartest road to success. The moderators hold a lot of knowledge in various related fields and have the expertise to guide you through. The amount you need to pay to become an STM member is $99 every month.


3. AffiliateFix

Cost: Free

Language: English

After you sign up for AffiliateFix, you will definitely notice that this affiliate marketing forum is quite active as well as engaging. The business section here helps you to locate and communicate with new business partners.

The most interesting aspect of this platform is that you don’t have to spend a single buck in order to join. Whatever information you gather comes free of cost. The admins and the moderators are always eager to help you out and answer all your queries.

The downsides are very less in number and one of them is that AffiliateFix is pretty vast and you would need to carry out extensive research if you want to want an answer to your questions. Of course, it’s never a bad thing since you can gather extensive knowledge.


4. Warrior Forum

Cost: Free

Language: English

You will get all the information you need to know about affiliate marketing on Warrior Forum. Various topics have been covered and you can choose the one you are interested in. There are ample case studies that will help you get conversant with how the industry works.

There are two basic tools namely, War Room and The Warrior Ask Me Anything that help the affiliates to go through online sessions with the professionals and learn the nuances. A majority of those who visit the forum are from the United States. You have to pay nothing while joining Warrior Forum.


5. CPAClub

Cost: Free

Language: Russian

CPAClub, according to many, is the best platform for affiliate marketers who are interested in CPA affiliate programs. CPAClub is a close-knit community of professional affiliates from Russia and you might find joining the affiliate marketing forum quite challenging. Several aspects such as your profile, income, and experience will be taken under consideration and thoroughly evaluated before you are allowed to join.

Once you are a member of this forum, you can easily get access to some valuable information. Aside from that, you are eligible for some exclusive deals and discounts on a number of online services.

The only downside of CPAClub is the difficulty level that one has to go through while getting registered. Moreover, you have to be an active participant in the club’s file, failing which your account might get deactivated. There is no cost of joining though.


6. WickedFire

Cost: Free

Language: English

WickedFire used to be one of the most stable and popular affiliate marketing forums. After you sign up for the forum, you can get the opportunity to speak with each and every party involved in this affiliate marketing industry and the list includes, newcomers, professionals, as well as company representatives.

WickedFire is well-structured and well-organized and contains a great deal of information on various topics, including but not limited to web development and SEO.

However, WickedFire hasn’t been much active and abuzz in recent times. Intense competition has started taking a toll on the forum and it has already begun to lose followers. Despite that, this forum still remains as one of the best for the affiliates, mainly for what it has to offer. The cost of joining is zero.


7. Affilorama

Cost: Free

Language: English

Affilorama is definitely a nice platform for the affiliates. Signing up for this affiliate marketing forum, you are eligible to access training portals for free.

In case you are signing up for the very first time, you are going to strike gold as you will come across tools, videos, and written lessons required to be a successful affiliate. Joining is free.


8. BlackHatWorld

Cost: Free

Language: English

BlackHatWorld has abundant information regarding how to earn money by availing Black Hat methods throughout various verticals. As an affiliate marketer, you would also get the opportunity to learn about SEO.

However, this particular affiliate marketing forum is all about BlackHat mainly and you wouldn’t get that much of substantial information about other topics. There are not many commercial posts on this forum since affiliate networks hardly participate here. No payment is required while joining.


9. DigitalPoint

Cost: Free

Language: English

This forum can be considered as one of the most active forums for all affiliate marketers, be it a newbie or a professional. It is crowded with all the right kinds of people.

As an affiliate, you will come across a number of threads that cover topics like design, development, trade, business and marketing, and of course, SEO. DigitalPoint has just everything that an affiliate might need. Not a single penny is required for joining this forum.


Final Thoughts

When you join an affiliate marketing forum, make sure that you go through the tips and follow the stated guidelines religiously. Try to engage in conversations as much as you can since that would accentuate your brand awareness. Make your choice wisely and start participating in discussions. The right affiliate marketing forums can help you succeed in your business in a big way.

On your journey as an affiliate marketer, you will not just need to meet new people and exchange ideas, but you will also learn how to use tools and technologies to grow your affiliate income. Here’s a list of handpicked Free Tools that every Affiliate Marketer needs. Feel free to check it out.

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